EBC Water Resources Virtual “Coffee Hour”: Clean Water Act Permitting & 管辖范围内


日期: 2022年1月27日

时间: 美国东部时间上午9:45 - 11:00


电话: (617) 505-1818

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Information for participating in the virtual meeting will be shared with registered attendees in a confirmation email.

EBC Infrastructure 领导 Webinar: Kicking Off the New Year – Regional DOT 领导 on Transportation Goals for New England


This EBC Infrastructure 领导 Webinar will include briefings from multiple New England transportation agency leaders about regional transportation initiatives, 目标, 以及2022年的优先事项. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear senior transportation leaders from around New England speak about state transportation agency plans to address issues such as climate adaptation and resiliency, 计划[…]



Please join EBC for a virtual program planning meeting of the EBC Offshore Wind Working Group on 星期四rsday, 1月6日, 2022. The purpose of this virtual meeting is to develop and plan the annual offshore wind programming offered by EBC and explore other offshore wind topics. EBC成员 interested in participating and becoming more involved in […]



Please join EBC for a virtual program planning meeting of the EBC Infrastructure Committee on 我的day, 1月10日, 2022. The purpose of this meeting is to develop and plan infrastructure programs and topic-specific meetings for the next six months. EBC成员 interested in participating and becoming more involved in the EBC Infrastructure Committee are welcome to […]

EBC Emerging Contaminants “Coffee Break” – Connecticut PFAS Discussion


CQ9电子官方版 members of the EBC Emerging Contaminants Working Group for an informal discussion meeting focusing on the "state of PFAS" in Connecticut. Attendees will have an open platform to discuss any aspects of PFAS management in Connecticut, 与最近的项目分享挑战和成功, 并讨论未来PFAS管理的想法. EBC将随机[…]

EBC Climate Change Webinar: Exploring Climate Impacts on Natural Systems


最近, the climate adaptation field has placed significant focus on the impacts of climate change on the built environment; however, we know that natural resources and systems are also being significantly, 在某些情况下是不可逆的, 影响. 制定气候适应和行动计划时, 我们可以指望自然系统发挥作用或提供生态系统[…]

EBC Site Remediation and Redevelopment Webinar: In Situ Remediation – State of the Practice & 新发展


This EBC Site Remediation and Redevelopment webinar will focus on the state of practices and new developments related to in situ remediation technologies. Many factors influence the selection of remediation technologies for implementation at a site and this EBC webinar will help attendees understand how and why to recommend one technology as compared to another, […]

EBC Solid Waste Management Discussion Meeting: Extended Producer Responsibility


CQ9电子官方版 EBC for a meeting of the Solid Waste Management Committee to discuss Extended Producer Responsibility. 克莱尔Galkowski, 南岸回收合作社的主任, 和保罗Porada, 伍达德的技术经理 & Curran, will moderate questions from attendees and facilitate a lively discussion. EBC讨论会议只对EBC会员开放. […]的意图



与:在这次EBC专业发展网络研讨会上, speakers will discuss professional liability concerns within the environmental industry from the insurance, 法律, 和咨询的角度. 从我们开始从事环保工作的那一刻起, 我们必须记住我们的野外笔记, 短信, 电子邮件, 聊天, 社交媒体发帖可能[…]

EBC Dam Management 领导 Webinar: 4th Annual Briefing by the New England State Dam Safety Directors


This EBC Annual Dam Management 领导 Program will again bring together the state dam safety directors from each of the New England states to provides updates from the dam safety programs in each of their respective states. This annual meeting provides an opportunity for the directors to: Discuss challenges each program faces and how other […]

EBC 领导 Program: Massachusetts Environmental and Energy Agenda for 2022 – Secretary Kathleen Theoharides

Nutter McClennen & 鱼LLP) 波士顿海港大道155号

本节目由凯瑟琳·希奥哈里德斯主持, Secretary of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EOEEA) for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 她的主题演讲, Secretary Theoharides will reflect on her accomplishments during her three years in office since being appointed EOEEA Secretary by Governor Baker. 她也会期待和讨论她的[…]



Electrification is being considered across all sectors as the next phase of moving to a clean energy economy.  这个理论很有道理,但是作为电动汽车, 热泵等技术的市场份额增加, 网格准备好了吗? This EBC Energy Resources Webinar will address the grid side impacts of moving toward electrification.  […]

EBC Ascending Professionals Committee Virtual Program Planning Meeting


Please join EBC for a virtual program planning meeting of the EBC Ascending Professionals Committee on 星期二sday afternoon, 2022年1月25日. The purpose of this meeting is to develop and plan programs and topic-specific committee meetings for late spring and early summer of 2022. 请浏览更多有关EBC提升专业委员会的资料.


这是EBC会员专属会议.  If you are a non-member and are interested in participating in this meeting, 请致电或电邮环境商业委员会.
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